The $KAI Token

Given the wide range of components we'll be building and various platform integrations we have planned, there are a variety of fee models we'll be employing. All fees will be denominated in $KAI, with the exception of transaction fees as noted below.
  • setup fees - These fees will applied to the setup of components in both the web2 integration layer as well as web3 components.
  • subscription fees - These fees will be taken for paying for web2 integration layer services and are similar to standard subscription fees web2 projects use.
  • rent - Rent is the equivalent of subscription fees for usage of Kaizen Corps web3 components and services. Rent is a familiar concept (and term) for any Solana developer, as it's used to refer to the fee taken by Solana for blockchain storage.
  • transaction fees - These are fees paid on a per-transaction basis and will be specific to the currency being used. For example: a metaverse marketplace using its own custom SPL token for transactions.