Setup Your Stache

In order to use Stache, you will need a Solana wallet. For those new to crypto or Solana we suggest using Solflare or Phantom wallet.

Transaction Fees

Stache operates on the Solana blockchain, so you will need $SOL tokens to use the app. You can purchase $SOL tokens from various cryptocurrency exchanges such as Binance or Coinbase.

Create your Stache

$SOL is needed to complete the setup of your Stache on the blockchain. We recommend having at least 0.02 $SOL in your wallet to cover the cost.

Connect your favorite Solana wallet

Next, press Create a new Stache account.

Input a new Stache ID and press Create your Stache Smart Account.

Approve the transaction in your wallet to complete the setup and then log in.

Welcome to Stache!

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