Introducing: Stache

Solana's first Smart Wallet System

What is it?

Stache is an on-chain smart wallet built on the Solana blockchain. It allows you to have an on-chain wallet that you can access using any of your Solana wallets (e.g. Phantom, Solfare, etc...).
Unlike typical wallets, its on-chain setup allows for programmability, providing you with a broad range of exciting new options that weren't accessible with regular wallets.

Why would I want to use a smart wallet?

Smart wallets offer a TON of benefits:
  • Never worry about losing your wallet
  • Increased security
  • Anti-hacking and anti-phishing mechanisms
  • Smart wallets are essentially "dummy proof"
  • WAAAY more functionality

How do I use it?

Your Stache is like a "bank account," and any wallet you use (your desktop, phone, Ledger), is like an ATM that can make deposits and withdrawals.

What can it do?

  • Link & view multiple wallets
  • List NFTs without a marketplace
  • Create secure vaults
  • Automate transactions
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Stache | A Smart Wallet System for Solana
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Find out how to create your Stache smart wallet in our setup guide.

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