Our thesis is twofold:
  1. 1.
    Gaming and Metaverse (G/M) projects will be the on-ramp into crypto for the vast majority of people and the primary means of driving crypto towards mass adoption.
  2. 2.
    Solana's high throughput (transactions/second), along with almost negligible gas fees makes Solana the premier chain for high-transaction applications, such as for G/M projects.
The huge explosion of G/M projects on Solana provides a great deal of support for our thesis. However, despite Solana's boom in popularity, the infancy of the ecosystem means a lack of tooling and infrastructure. Many basic tools must be built from the ground up, most often without any documentation, which is why Solana developers are affectionately referred to as "glass-eaters." Projects are forced to shift resources towards the building of foundational tools, thus creating a significant barrier to entry for most projects and increasing overall development time.