NFT Legos

While the components we plan to build won't necessarily all be NFT-specific, we'll use the term "NFT Legos" due to familiarity and relatability to DeFi's money legos. And being basic infrastructure components, usage will not be limited to just G/M projects, but will extend to virtually any Solana-based project.
We'll start by building a set of basic, but much-needed components (aka primitives), along with a protocol for their usage and extension. These components will serve as the basic building blocks we use to build upon, while providing a platform for others to do the same.
Some basic types of components we have identified are:
  • NFT components
    • token-specific and customized marketplaces
    • NFT enhancements (e.g. similar to EIP-3664: extension through composability, extendability & upgradeability)
  • Token Components
    • staking contracts/tools
    • LP/mining contracts/tools
  • DAO components
    • governance (e.g. voting mechanisms)
    • membership for various stakeholders (NFT holders, LP providers, etc)
The two primary drivers for identifying components for us to build are:
  1. 1.
    Domination: Our initial focus will be to build the set of components needed for our flagship product: Domination (a social coordination game we're developing).
  2. 2.
    Partnerships: In order to survey the landscape to increase awareness of trends occurring in other projects, we have already established and are continuing to develop partnerships across the ecosystem. While some components we have listed exist or are being developed, teams are currently building bespoke versions tailored to their own needs, as opposed to building configurable or extendable versions.