Game Vault: Lockups

status: WIP
The purpose of the game vault is simple: to lock up assets. Contrary to staking, whose purpose is to provide rewards for helping to secure a network, lockups are ONLY intended to lock assets, though the lockups may or may not be tied to other activities.
G/M projects will have infinitely more reasons and variables for locking up an asset, with just as many reasons and methods for unlocking the asset. For example, in our flagship game Domination, game participation pieces (Kai NFTs) need to be locked for the duration of the game. Only upon completion of a game are the pieces once again available or released to the player. Additionally, any other in-game assets to be used during gameplay will also need to be locked and there could be many reasons and methods for unlocking these assets. There even exists the possibility of assets being confiscated or even destroyed due to a game outcome or in-game event.
Just a few of the types of lockups that we'll see:
  • time-based (expiration)
  • event-based (a game ends)
  • participation-based (could tie in with Soulbinder)
  • renting / lending / borrowing
  • smart lockups - "keep X locked until Y amount of tokens appear in wallet Z"