Component Examples

To reinforce our approach, we have compiled a list of concrete examples based on the items we are building for our game, Domination.

NFT Components

  • marketplace: Domination will use its own currency: $DOM, for all Domination-related economic activities. An SPL token-specific marketplace for trading G/M assets is an extremely common use case.
  • NFT burning: As simple as this sounds, the ability to burn an NFT on the Solana blockchain is actually pretty difficult. As of this writing, the only common way to burn an NFT is to use a command line tool provided with the Solana CLI. This is a prime example of a very basic primitive not widely in existence yet and demonstrates Solana's immaturity.

Token Components

  • staking: Projects currently use custom-built staking solutions. A strong need exists for configurable staking mechanisms to fit various use cases.
  • liquidity provider/mining tools: Similar to the availability of staking solutions, there's an even larger dearth of LP-related components.

DAO Components

  • governance/voting: Tribeca DAO is an example of a project building configurable DAO tools, but we're still in the early stages of DAO development, with plenty of room for innovation. One example of DAO tooling we plan on building will focus on participation-based voting. This is where on AND off-chain activities might have an effect on a stakeholder's voting power.
  • treasuries: Easily configurable lock up periods, vesting and emissions schedules.

Web2 Integration

  • Discord tools: Most of the existing tooling in this area centers around NFTs. For example: distribution of roles based on NFT holdings. However, no standard exists to account for staked NFT holders. Furthermore, other stakeholders are completely unaddressed. For example: token holders and LP providers.